Dakota reunites with his first trainer - legendary Olympic Strongman Ken Patera
Dakota checks out the fans on the upper levels
Shane Madison is sent reeling
Both wrestlers hit the mat after Dakota delivers a dropkick
Dakota muscles up Madison for a side suplex
Madison gains an advantage by choking
Madison wears down Dakota with a rear chinlock
Dakota flinches after a kick by "The Mecca"
Madison soars high for a cross-body
Dakota hits his trademark "Prairie Sky" frogsplash
Madison gets his "crop dusted" by Dakota's Cropduster dropkick
Sammy Savard pearl harbors Dakota with the belt
Savard continues his attack
Madison wasn't pleased with Savard's interference
Two angry competitors lay out the intruder
A show of respect after a hard-fought match
Madison doesn't want to win the championship because of interference
Dakota responds, "The bottom line is, you beat me"
Madison acknowledges the former champion
"I'll be back"
XJAM Pro Wrestling - Minot, ND
(Photos courtesy of Terry Williams)