Will Sammy Savard take on Dakota when it's face-to-face?
Dakota talks with Commissioner Charlie when
Savard leaves

Dakota ducks Savard's attempted sneak attack

Savard gets back into the ring - the hard way
Chops away!
Savard grimaces as he gets armdragged

Dakota knocks down Savard with a tackle

Savard retaliates by dropping a forearm

Dakota reverses an attempted knee into a schoolboy

Savard tries a suplex of his own

Savard prepares to apply a cobra clutch

"The Instigator" locks it in
After escaping the cobra clutch, Dakota
suprises Savard with a powerslam
Dakota nails a flying clothesline

Dakota avenges Savard's previous title match
interference with a pinfall victory

XJAM Pro Wrestling - Minot, ND
(Photos courtesy of Terry Williams)