Dakota saw many old friends at his first ND match in almost 3 years
There were younger fans…

Brand new fans…

Dakota stretches against a prairie sky background

Matt Burns gives Dakota some tanning tips before the match

The Heavyweight champion starts off with a snug side headlock

Burns responds to the pain as Dakota clamps down

Burns digs up some old tricks he learned from his run-ins with Sheik Adnan Al Kaissy

Dakota executes a very quick atomic drop

The aptly named “Prairie Sky Frogsplash”

Burns fails to move out of the way of the home state boy’s finisher
Dakota suffers the effects of the impact as well

Top Rope Productions - Abercrombie, ND
And even some “dudes”

Dakota shows his wrestling skill as he escapes to an armbar

With the prairie sky in the background, Dakota attempts a frogsplash

A Heavyweight championship victory marks a successful ND return