Dakota hears the bell
and starts the action against Ted “The Piston” Dixon
Dakota tells the ref
to stay out of the way
Dixon catches Dakota
with snake eyes
Dakota regroups
outside the ring
“The Piston” follows
up with a spear
A test of strength
Dakota turns the test of strength into a cross-armed belly-to-back suplex
Dakota focuses his attack
on his opponent’s back
Dakota delivers
a hard bodyslam
Dakota continues his
attack with a back drop
Dixon pulls out a
surprise sunset flip
Dakota applies
a stump puller
Dixon fires back
on Dakota
Dixon levels Dakota
with a flying forearm
Dixon reverses the powerslam attempt and
drops Dakota on his head
Dakota and partner
Mason Quinn have
Matt Burns reeling
Quinn plants Burns with
a belly-to-belly suplex
Dixon catches Dakota
with a superplex
Both athletes feel
the impact
Dakota recovers and
signals for a powerslam
Quinn holds Burns
for a double-team
Burns ducks and Dakota accidentally pokes Quinn
in the eyes
A blinded Quinn mistakenly suplexes his partner
The Wally Karbo Cup
battle royal is underway
Dakota is nearly
dumped by JB Trask
An eliminated Dakota
falls to the feet of the ringside fans
Steel Domain Wrestling - Montgomery, MN
Mitch Paradise nails
Dakota with a big chop