Genesis – The debut of Neo Pro
Dakota introduces Neo Pro to a hoedown

A hardcore Dakota fan sits ringside

Dakota dives after a criss-cross

Air Dakota!

A dropkick catches “Violent” Justin Lee in the mush

Lee gains the advantage with a Rocker dropper

Lee’s educated feet teach Dakota’s jaw a lesson

Dakota responds with a high cross body

Dakota glances toward the crowd during the hard-fought match

A textbook Northern Lights suplex

Dakota pounces on Lee for a pinfall attempt

Neo Pro Wrestling – Hastings, MN
After an elbow to the nose, Lee charges with a clothesline

Lee prepares to drop Dakota on his head

Dakota executes a rare wheelbarrow slam

Shades of Tito Santana’s flying forearm

Dakota coils to release a top rope dropkick

Lee connects with a hard superkick for the win