iGeneration Wrestling – Sydney, Australia
taped 07-30-00 / aired 12-01-00
(photos captured from "Rodman Down Under" pay-per-view)
Dakota hold the tag team championships as Road Warrior Hawk prepares for his match
Rocco Rock is reminded who is in charge

Rock distracts Dakota as Animal has Johnny Grunge pinned

Weapons already fill the ring for this hardcore match as Dakota calls for the bell
Dakota tries to retain some semblance of order
(photo from www.igenerationwrestling.com)
The Barbarian and Brute Force take their match all over the arena

Dakota keeps order between super heavyweight Sugar Daddy and boxing legend "Aussie" Joe Bugner
Sweet Destiny appears happy that Dakota insists on checking her for foreign objects
Destiny assumes the position
Tatanka goes for the pin while Dakota tries to recover
Tatanka and Dakota suffer while OMG celebrates his victory
Curt Hennig wants Dakota to loosen up the rules for his match with Dennis Rodman
Brandi disagrees with the official decision
Dakota listens as the One Man Gang insults the fans
Angry fans bombard the ring with garbage
Dakota directs Hawk out of the match after he has been eliminated
Dakota signifies that the Barbarian's shoulder was lifted before the 3-count

Dakota checks the headlock as Brandi Wine grabs a handful of hair
Dakota admonishes Rodman for hitting Hennig with the belt
(photo from www.igenerationwrestling.com)
Tatanka accidentally whips the Gang into Dakota
Dakota checks if Rodman is ready to call it a night
Rodman lives up to his volatile reputation by head-butting Dakota
“The Worm” continues his assault by throwing Dakota from the ring
Hennig also takes out his frustrations on Dakota with a punch