The Dakota Kid enters the ring for his rematch with The Farmer
Special referee Ken Patera gives instructions

The Farmer laughs after a not-so-clean break

Farmer knocks down the Kid with a tackle

Dakota responds with a tackle of his own

Farmer throws a tantrum while Dakota watches

Farmer ducks under a leapfrog

Dakota attacks the left arm of the Wisconsin native

Farmer turns the tables and drops a leg on the rookie

Dakota lays out for a flying clothesline

Farmer catches the cross-body and plants Dakota with a powerslam
Farmer’s hard-hitting attack continues with a spinebuster

All-Star Wrestling Alliance - Mountain Iron, MN 02-05-00
Farmer resorts to his typical dirty tactics

Farmer leaps onto the Kid as he is draped throat-first on the rope

An angry Lightheavyweight champion shoots a nasty glare toward a fan

The second of Farmer’s “triple knees” catches Dakota hard

Dakota comes back with a monkey flip

Dakota catches Farmer off-guard with his seldom used blockbuster

Farmer catches Dakota with his “Barn Buster” for the 2nd week in a row

A last-ditch effort by the Kid produces a top rope dropkick
Dakota is lifted off the ground after meeting Farmer’s hard-soled work boot