All-Star Wrestling Alliance - Mitchell, SD
Dakota greets the fans of
his sister state before this Extreme Championship match
Dakota starts the 3-way last man standing match off early with a double splash on Jasyn Vaine and The Farmer
Farmer stops Dakota
with a spinebuster
Vaine opens Farmer’s
head with a cheese grater
Dakota ducks Farmer’s
chair shot and dropkicks
it back in his face
Dakota takes down Vaine with a flying shoulder tackle
Vaine goes for a side suplex
Dakota reverses the
suplex attempt and rolls through for a near fall
Vaine catches Dakota
with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
Dakota takes a hard turnbuckle whip from
Dakota comes back
with a cross body
Farmer makes his return
with a low blow on Vaine
Dakota back drops his
way out of Farmer’s attempted piledriver
Dakota returns to the ring with a top rope dropkick
to the Farmer’s chin
A legdrop from a rare
airborne Farmer
Vaine returns with
a flapjack on Farmer
Dakota rejoins the action
A fresh Farmer levels
Dakota with a clothesline
The Farmer decides to
take things outside
Farmer retaliates
with a Rock bottom
Vaine hits a big
beel on Dakota
Farmer brings out the hardware as he introduces Dakota’s head to a cookie sheet
This cookie sheet made
a nice souvenir for a fan
Dakota ducks out of the
way of an attempted
double team
Dakota’s clothesline rids
the ring of the soul man
Vaine’s flying clothesline eliminates both him
and Dakota
Dakota and Soul Brother
#1 continue their struggle
Dakota goes after Vaine in the Battle Royal main event
Soul Brother #1 uses
his sole to make an impression on Dakota
Ref Jeremy Zinski helps Dakota to the back after
an exhausting match
Matt Burns interferes to
hold up Farmer to help
him become the last man standing
Farmer reels from a
taste of his own medicine
Farmer counters another
shot with a kick to the gut
Farmer hooks Dakota for his Barnbuster DDT on the floor
Vaine leaps off the top to
the outside with an elbow
on his prone opponents