All-Star Wrestling Alliance - Hazelton, ND
A mass of fans turn out for the Dakota Kid’s debut in his home state
The Kid greets some former classmates who came to support him
Dakota donned his ND Shrine Game football jersey for his entrance
Matt Burns and The Farmer team up to begin this 3-way championship ladder match
Dakota Kid has a rebuttal for the Farmer’s previous derogatory remarks
Burns chokes Dakota on the ropes in front of his family
The Farmer takes his turn as the AWA Lightheavyweight Championship hangs above
Farmer doesn’t want Dakota to pull, the crowd does
Dakota pleases the crowd, and Farmer feels the outcome
Burns and Farmer attempt to clothesline Dakota with the ladder
Dakota ducks underneath and dropkicks the ladder into his opponents
Dakota makes his first climb up the ladder, and Farmer and Burns attempt to stop him
Burns gets his taste of the ladder from a slingshot
Farmer double-crosses Burns and sends him flying into the turnbuckles
Dakota stops Farmer’s attempted chair shot with a spinebuster
Farmer flies off the ladder with a legdrop on the Kid
Burns takes his turn with a splash on Farmer
Farmer tips the ladder and dumps Burns and Dakota on the top rope
Dakota reverses Farmer’s Irish whip and sends him crashing into the ladder
This time when Farmer stops Burns, he treats the crowd to Burns’ full moon
Dakota and Burns fight on the ladder top
Dakota sends Burns airborne
Farmer prepares to crack Burns’ head with the chair
Farmer’s chair shot for Dakota backfires when Dakota dropkicks it back into his face
The fans celebrate as referee Wade Olson raises Dakota’s hand; Burns and Guardian do not
Dakota encourages the referee to join in the celebration
Dakota evades a charging Guardian for the win
The wrestlers pair off in their efforts to eliminate each other
Dakota backdrops Burns over the top
Sheldon Maxwell attempts to take advantage of a weary Dakota in the battle royal
Dakota thanks each of them for their support
A helpless Burns watches Dakota retain his title
A sour Farmer levels Dakota with the belt after the match
An exhausted Dakota is congratulated by his friends
A group of kids flock around Dakota